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It's that Time of Year Again

Routine maintenance is a key for long lasting and dependable vehicle. Schedule an appointment for your vehicle today to avoid costly repairs in the future - you'll be glad you did!

We're Here to Ensure that Your Car Won't Let you Down!

For an affordable price you can find personalized and prompt service by ASE certified technicians. Your vehicle will undergo a thorough check-up and any minor problems will be professionally remedied before they get worse.

Fast Service when you Need it

Secure a Warranty

• Oil changes

• Lubrication

• Tire rotations

• Tune-ups

• Scheduled maintenance

• Fluid changes

• Filter changes

• Extended warranties on parts and labor

• Serving Jasper engines and transmissions



We like to do our part to encourage drivers such as yourself to come in for routine maintenance. To ensure that you will have a safe vehicle to drive for a good long while, we offer a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty for general repairs and parts, as well as a 36 month / 100,000 mile warranty for Jasper engines and transmissions. Don't wait to schedule your appointment!



Scott C. in Wisconsin on 07/08/2015




Scott said Dave is awesome and tells him what is going on before he does anything.



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