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Dave's Auto Services

Your One-Stop Shop for Tire Service

Don't go round and round searching for an auto shop that will give you the best deal for tire service. Come to Dave's Auto Service instead - your satisfaction is guaranteed!


Tires that are a Perfect Fit for Your Car!

Our ASE certified technicians will properly equip your vehicle with brand-name tires and will make sure to inform you which model options will work best for your car. From cars to pick-ups, we service all makes and models.




Carrying Only the Best Brands

Never be Kept Waiting

• Michelin

• Uniroyal

• BF Goodrich

• Kumho

• Goodyear

• Cooper

• Next day tires available

• Competitive rates

• Exemplary service by ASE technicians


You have a busy schedule, and we do our best to honor that by offering you tire service as soon as 24 hours from the time you visit our shop.


New tires improve traction, effectively lower your gas mileage and save you money. Don't wait to talk to one of our tire experts today.




Why is Nitrogen better than air?

For tire inflation, there's nothing better than nitrogen. Nitrogen provides better maintenance of tire pressure which maximizes Fuel Economy, Handling, Safety & Reliability, Tire Life.. and it's better for the environment!


Nitrogen provides better maintenance of tire pressure. Because of its larger molecular size, nitrogen migrates through a tire three to four times slower than Oxygen. A tire filled with "plain old air" will lose 1.5 PSI in less than a month; with nitrogen, this could take three months or longer.




Scott C. in Wisconsin on 07/08/2015




Scott said Dave is awesome and tells him what is going on before he does anything.



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